Hot Keys

Key Short description
1..0, Shift + 1..0 Quick-change current open image view
[*] Set the ZF to Fit-To-Window
[+] Increase the ZF one step up (zoom-in)
[-] Decrease the ZF one step down (zoom-out)
Navigation keys left, right, up, down Scroll image view by page intervals
Tab / Shift+Tab Switches between open images forward/backwards
~ Back key, for quick-toggling 2 recent images
<x> Close an image
<X> Close all open images (or comparison party images)
F1 Show the overlay help screen
ESC Generally, aborts any user-action phase
View / Basic analysis
<c> Start Compare mode image collect phase
<C> Try to auto collect all images that are of FI type
<cc> Alias of <C>
[L] Layer mode on/off (on active comparison party)
[G] Grid mode on/off (ZF 5+)
[V] Pixel View mode on/off (ZF 5+)
[H] Toggle pixels values between Hexadecimal and Decimal
[T] Coordinate Tracking mode on/off
[O] Coordinate Offset display mode (under Tab) on/off
[J] Start a “Jump to coordinate” session
Advanced analysis
<r> Ruler mode on/off
<R> Open the Ruler Config dialog (modeless)
Ctrl-[R] Toggle between a set of ruler colors
[M] Toggle ruler style between Matrix / Indent lines
[I] Open the information overlay (statistics + histogram)
<b> Toggle overlay info (histogram) transparent view on/off
<B> Toggle overlay info transparent shadow affect on/off
Ctrl-[B] Rotate the overlay info transparent view FG colors
[A] Beautify decimal values for overlay data on/off
Analysis assist actions
[D] Difference between 2 images (in Compare mode)
Ctrl-[D] Toggle between the 4 diff modes
<f> Filter Colors dialog (mask out pixels)
Ctrl-[F] Apply the last used Filter
<F> Remove the current active filter
[E] Image Evaluator (I-Eval) dialog
Ctrl-[E] Re-apply the last edited I-Eval
Generic image operations
<s> Enter Save Image Mode (full image or ROI)
<S> Save/export image to PNG (RGB-8) (full image or ROI)
Ctrl-[S] Toggle the auto-naming mode on/off
<n> New by duplicates of current image (or ROI)
<N> Convert RAW (to a new) image dialog
Ctrl-[C] Copy to clipboard image (as BMP RGB24) or path/title
[P] Copy to the clipboard the current pixel coordinate and value