Tetrison TriBlock

  • Addictive and challenging Tetris-clone game with a groundbreaking style: Pieces come in triangular and rectangular form.
  • Non-standard game boards with varying contours: complete rows, columns or dynamic patterns to remove blocks!
  • Special Puzzle levels in which you need to fit extraordinary shapes! Don’t miss these ones…
  • Collect artifacts, use your assist items, plan your steps and achieve your objectives!
  • The game comes with enriched play themes like water flood, mirrored levels, in-game challenges and more!
  • Play dozens of levels in Worlds theme or a continuous Classic Arcade mode of 10 randomized levels.
  • Periodic game save so you won’t miss your progress on long levels!
  • The game supports several languages: English, French, Spanish, German, Russian and Hebrew.
  • No In-App purchase for extra achievements – just the game and your skills!


Unlike conventional Tetris clones, the game has special levels setup in which the contours can come in many shapes and can even hold internal “walls” that makes the game even more challenging!

Because there’re varying pieces type and they come both in the rectangular and triangular form, the game has several “Assist Items” that make the endeavor a bit more possible like “Ghost Blocks” that can move thru interior walls and even be used to explode blocks in order to remove them, Undo Piece that can revert your entire turn and board state and you can even use Shaking to tilt the board to fill up holes.

The game lies in the middle grounds of casual to a real gamer’s game as the complexity steep becomes more and more challenging as you progress…




To make the game even more exquisite, you can collect special artifacts (sort of power-ups) that are taken when the block they sit inside it is removed.

Such artifacts make the game even more tactical as when you have objectives to achieve, what will you do!? Run for the artifact, remove the special target pattern or use the Bomb to free up some of the boards space for the next pieces… ?

Unlike the conventional Tetris, here you can remove beside rows, also columns and construct special target Patterns (see the image top-left side) that can change the entire game-play style!

Levels come with in-game challenges like Tet-Shot (catch that block), Tet-Grace, Tet-Fall and more…

You will have to face flooded levels, Shadow Blocks removal, time-trials and many more goal-oriented tasks!


If you just feel like playing the Classic Arcade way we all grew up with, you can play the 10-Levels arcade that have dynamic random levels with increasing difficulty and in-game challenges – the last levels are for masters only!




















Thinking that’s a bout it!? Well, if you really like puzzles, you can’t miss the intermediate levels in which you have some special puzzle (marked as a shadow mask) to construct while playing the regular “falling pieces” game – As the levels increase, you will have more and more fun (or frustration, peek your idiom 🙂 )!

Even here, you have special “Assist Items” that can shuffle an undesired puzzle piece or even restart the puzzle (you have unlimited tries count but less tries means better final score).

Another feature of these levels is that every-time  you enter the same level, you might get a different puzzle layout (selected out of hundreds of possible ones per puzzle) so you can challenge yourself over and over again – in the advanced Worlds, I promise you will never get bored 😉

To make it even more challenging, whenever you enter a level (in Worlds) again after finishing it, whether it’s a Tetris-like or a Puzzle level, the stakes will get a little bit higher to make it more interesting!

The game is in its initial Alpha Release run so feel free to post comments about to game (review, issues, wish-list, etc.).

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