Developer notes

I’ve created the application mainly because I was looking for “pure” RAW image loading tools and found many that simply didn’t focus nor answered my own needs. The most
important feature I was looking at was a simple tool to see per-pixel info, w/o any sub-pixel interpolations due to zooming and one that can actually load RAW images w/o the
over-exhausting need to re-enter every time the exact raw format I’m using. I also felt that the tools overall info (like statistics, diff and histogram) didn’t cover what developers can benefit of.

Therefor, I’ve sat through the nights and wrote this simple utility application. I designed it mainly for developers usage so I was cheap in GUI stuff and focused more on the features I thought are most cardinal when analyzing / comparing RAW images.

For the coders among us, the software (nowadays it’s called an application) was developed in C++ under native Win32 with no 3rd party libraries, non so ever (except dependency on GDI+ which isn’t mandatory if you work solely with RAW files).

Obviously, as this was a pet project, I did not have the time nor the resources to make a full-cycle QA on all features and think on all the app sub-flows (full code coverage) so if you encounter some “hidden features” (a.k.a bugs 🙂 ), feel free to contact me at:

Also, if you have further requests of the app that you would like to see or want to share your ideas / questions, you’re more than welcome…

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