Bullseye Puzzle

A logic puzzle game! Your goal is to reveal a secret code selected by either an AI or Human adversary.
Each turn, you get a response that gives you a hint about how close are you to the actual secret code.
Once you get all BULLSEYE of the code’s length – You’re the winner!

  • A tweak on the conventional “Mastermind” and “Bulls and Cows” games.
  • The game comes with enriched game style options.
  • You can play from easy levels to ultra difficult ones that involve a game’s special 2-codes feature (Numbers and Colors).
  • Support almost all screen resolutions and devices, including screen rotation for dynamic game layout!
  • Advanced scoring mechanism that pushes the player to his limits!
  • Four Game play types:
    • Solo
    • Tournament (with varying levels).
    • Vs. computer AI.
    • Vs. human player via remote Bluetooth connection.
  • Seems easy at first, you will spend quite some time before revealing the code.
  • Support 10 different languages!


Don’t be fooled! This simple looking game is a mind drilling machine – You can spend hours before revealing the code in the advanced levels…

The game comes with a Tournament game-play that will let you slide into the game smoothly and enjoy an increasing codes difficulty level. When you’ll face the 2-codes levels, then you will see what you’re really made of 😉

The game also have a sophisticated AI (I mean, real one, no just random bubbling) that can match even the master player (I only limited its capabilities by the device processing power as Turing can’t wait forever 🙂 ). The computer player doesn’t get any advantage over the human player so it’s really you against the machine (putting aside the probability of giving a very good guess by chance).

For those who prefer the human touch, you can also play with a friend via Bluetooth connection!

Feel free to post comments about to game (review, issues, wish-list, etc.).

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