RawImageAnalyser is a utility application aimed and designed for basic, flexible and intuitive image viewing and comparing while emphasizing RAW images i.e. such that doesn’t come with a standard header.

Note that the files are of .7z file format.

Version 1.3

SHA-256 1223D9E9EF9DC1828468C2536B84D499EC45BC1EB9634BA93D4DD78D6B076442
Platform Win x32/x64
Date Jan/2017
Highlights Added all menus shortcuts.
Some critical bug fixes
Release notes


Version 1.25

SHA-256 17B0F6AD8C9D5ADFFED743F6EC8E38C624975FAB028AA3F00E5D4A0C00944D5C
Platform Win x32/x64
Date Jun/2015
Highlights Several GUI fixes and minor logic bugs.
Added in release package ria.bat to serve as alias.
Added application dynamic title bar to show the viewed image(s) title.
Release notes


Version 1.2

SHA-256 C2672A06842DC1287D87A8C196ABD3BFDDEDF2F9889D3E584DDDA8AF8B06A5F8
Platform Win x32/x64
Date Nov/2014
Highlights Several analyze assist new features (like Jump to point, Ruler Matrix mode, etc.).
Several critical bug fixes.
Several GUI enhancements.
Release notes


Version 1.0

SHA-256 D6BEB5E56A2D1980300D6C5CB88896EA6755A76D4F83BB57DA9E3DDE0AFCD099
Platform Win x32/x64
Date Jul/2014
Highlights Introducing I-Eval (complementary image manipulator engine for enhanced data / image analyzing).
Extensive support for Multi-Threading.
Many critical bug fixes and minor UI / UX enhancements.
Release notes


Version 0.92

SHA-256 651FF395FA689BEB6E49AD50804FB4DAEF18D5A9846147605B5E1157AFBA278B
Platform Win x32
Date Dec/2013
Highlights Initial stable release.
Release notes


Release version 1.3

New features:

  • All menus are updated with their corresponding keys shortcuts.
  • All links direct to the new site (on-line manuals).

Bug fixes:

  • Fixed crash when working with 2 app instances on multi-threaded tasks.
  • Added missing menu items.

Release version 1.25

New features:

  • Added dynamic app title to show the current viewed image(s) and app comparison mode.
  • Added ria.bat to serve as exe alias for convenient app run from command line.
  • Mild enhancements in app formats file.

Bug fixes:

  • Several logic bugs in text display on 32b images.
  • Grid color display issue when working in Layer Mode.
  • Proper handling of resource files loading.
  • Typo fixes in app manual.

Release version 1.2

New features:

  • Jump to coordinate (using J key). Serves also as a handy bookmark of locations. Can iterate all previously “visited” coordinates. Many extra sub-features.
  • Copy a specific image pixel value (coordinate/offset and value) to clipboard via P key.
  • Very handy to copy specific pixel data to external editors.
  • Resize image feature via the convert image action (or command line). Supports also tiling.
  • ROI can be adjusted via R-Click on corners.
  • Export to PNG via Shift-S.
  • Pixel coordinate and info are more user friendly in the tab layout.
  • Ruler selective mode: Show only one of the axis (or both). Supports also Matrix mode (handy for objects alignment).
  • It’s possible to re-evaluate the recent I-Eval using Ctrl-E.
  • I-Eval can show the macro-expanded expression via dedicated button.
  • Can parse also hexa/octal color values in INI. Handy for HTML colors.

Bug fixes:

  • Critical:
    • Keyboard loosing focus is fully fixed. Dialog of “cancel action” appears only for long enough operations (above 0.5sec).
    • Fixed bug related to clearing filter from YUV image family.
    • Fixed crash in I-Eval dialog (rare end-cases).
    • Fixed wrong context handling of hexa/decimal view display.
    • Fixed bug in I-Eval invalidation of overwritten images.
    • Fixed bug in closing all comparison panes at once (close all).
  • Minor:
    • Help menus typos.
    • Fixed bug in the update observer.
    • Several Win resources related leaks.
    • Fixed bug when converting via command line (string parsing issue).
    • Fixed bug in I-Eval dialog regarding the deletion of saved I-Eval macros.
    • INI file allows changing the font for the tab layout. Active since day 1, just forgot to layout its usage.
    • Many GUI related fixes.

Known Issues:

  • Tested alpha version.
  • Tested on hundreds of files, ranging from 1 pixel to 100 MPix. Most flows were validated.
  • Still, there might be end-case scenarios that were missed.
  • No testing was done on more than 8 cores.
  • Regression tests were partial on core features.

Release version 1.0

New features:

  • I-Eval for generic image evaluation. Special feature to allow extensive c-like expressions with enhanced functions / operands set to enable the user a creation of almost any kind of image.
    This is especially productive for complex diff-ing or morphologic operations. You can also use it to customize almost any kind of image conversion.
  • I-Eval is available, like all other actions, from the command line interface.
  • Multi-core / multi-thread support. You can use up to 32 logic-cores to distribute complex app actions (automatic or configurable).
  • Complex actions can be canceled / monitored while applied.
  • User can control main dialogs startup default settings.
  • Accelerated file saving (text).
  • Extra status-bar info while selecting ROI in image(s).
  • Minor visualization enhancements in the statistics / histogram domain.

Bug fixes:

  • Fixed critical bug in filter (related to new image).
  • Fixed critical bug in save planner / interleaved raw images.
  • Fixed critical bug in converted image saving.
  • Fixed critical bug in adding new files while in Compare Layer mode.
  • Fixed minor typos in help documents.
  • Fixed enc-case bugs for View Pixels mode.
  • Fixed several memory leaks in end-case scenarios.
  • Fixed several unimplemented menu items.
  • Fixed bugs in Compare Layer mode when hovering an image HK.
  • Fixed minor layout issues in Save as text layout.
  • Many UX / GUI related minor fixes.

Known Issues:

  • Early final RC version.
  • Tested on hundreds of files, ranging 1 pixel to 100 MPix. Most flows were validated. Still, there might be end-case scenarios that were missed.
  • No testing was done on more than 8 cores.
  • I-Eval new feature is very complex, possibly unit-testing didn’t cover all end-cases.
  • Regression tests were partial on core features.
  • Keyboard might loose focus when working with multi-threaded actions.
    Immediate solution is to bringup some dialog ia the Actions menu and cancel
    it, this will return the focus (other W/A is to work w/o MT).

Release version 0.97

New features:

  • Optimized application memory footprint. Reduced by x4 from original usage.
    User can select between favoring memory over speed to further reduce memory usage.
  • Introduced x64 support. Enables loading of up to 100 MPix files.
    There’s no real memory boundary except internal heap fragmentations.
  • Enhanced format file log verbose for developers.
  • Histogram transparent background mode with rotate-able foreground colors.
    Also supports shadow affect for enhanced visibility.
  • Several repositioning of menu items for better logic layout.

Bug fixes:

  • Ruler configuration offset parsing error.
  • Format file logging issues (wrong layout, menu activation issues).
  • History browser save data issues on end-cases.
  • Fixed bug in Filter dialog input parsing.
  • Fixed typos in help documents.

Release version 0.94

New features:

  • Optional loading of RAW image given in ASCII CSV format.
  • Layer mode: User can switch in Compare mode to layers layout with quick switch between images.
  • Offset mode: Shows a pixel offset in image under the tab panel.
  • Track XY: Displays 2 lines (vert and horiz) for coordinate tracking.
  • User can remove image from comparison party rather than only closing it.
  • Holding Ctrl while the Histogram view is open will mark the current pixel bin(s).
  • Support for Tab/Shift-Tab for quick moving between open images.
  • Support for Back (toggles 2 recent focus images).
  • Enhanced user-menu support for most applicable operations.
  • Extra configuration file settings.
  • Ruler offset for ‘Image Pixels’ profile. Enhances ruler alignment options.
  • Added “Check for updates” to allow notifications of changes / fixes.

Bug fixes:

  • Font layout issues in help menu and tab panels.
  • Memory leaks issues when closing images.
  • Tab colors miss-managing.
  • App logic flaws where found.
  • Parsing error in YUV format.

Release version 0.92

  • Fixed critical bug in ZOOM IN/OUT feature.

Release version 0.91 Beta

Initial Beta release.
Key features:

  • SBS compare mode
  • Diff 2 images
  • Filter image (pixels masking)
  • Crop and ROI selection
  • Convert
  • Histogram view
  • View: Grid, Ruler, Pixel’s view, Hexa values
  • Adaptive loading of RAW files using reg-ex
  • Handles major bit-depth styles: 8bpp, 16bpp and 32bpp
  • Loading conventional image file formats